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Sod Repair Service by Clear Cut Group
Clear Cut Group Sod Repair Service Experts will repair your sod to ensure healthy and vibrant growth!

Repairing sod involves a skilled team of experts that are trained to recognize what caused the sod to be inhibited from growth in the first place. Also, what can be done to ensure that the repaired sod survives and thrives for the season ahead? Situations such as high traffic areas and landscaping structures are only but a few reasons why sod will fail to grow successfully. Clear Cut Group Sod Repair Service will not only determine the causes but will also implement measures to ensure your repaired sod will grow healthy for years to come.

Get a fast and free quote from Clear Cut Group! Our no-obligation quote will allow you to get a free consultation. Find out why more and more people choose Clear Cut Group for their sod repair needs. We offer a professionally trained staff, regularly maintained equipment and a friendly approach. Contact us and let Clear Cut Group solve all your sod repair needs.

Sod Repair Service

Sod Repair Service Clear Cut Group will first evaluate the possible cause(s) of why your sod went awry. From there we’ll remove any weeds, dead grass and otherwise any other accumulation in the immediate surrounding area. Where things like animal droppings, animal urine, burn marks from fertilizer or even accidentally spilled substances from liquids such as gasoline have caused an area of grass to be diminished – the soil is first flushed with water. The area is then flattened out to ensure it blends seamlessly with the surrounding grass. Up to six to eight inches may be cultivated before spreading fresh soil. Anywhere from one to two inches of fresh triple mix is then worked into the area where the damage is. Sod is then cut to fit exactly into the area requiring repair. Your new sod is then flattened out with our special flattening tool. Additional watering takes place every 15 minutes as new sod is being laid down. This is the optimal time for success for laying sod based on numerous studies. From there it matter of maintenance and in no time the freshly new sod will blend into your existing grass and landscape seamlessly.

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