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Sod Delivery Service by Clear Cut Group
Reliable and Professional Sod Delivery Service that you can count on!

When it comes to sod delivery there’s no other company more professional then Clear Cut Group Whether you need a few pieces to place down at a high traffic area in your back yard or a complete sod make-over we’ll solve all your sod delivery needs. Clear Cut Group provides high quality sod delivered to your property by a professional staff. Our sod is fresh, healthy and locally grown. We’ll arrange a time that’s convenient for you so that if you need to be present – you can tell us exactly where you would like us to place it.

How is our Sod Delivery Service different? We’re above the crowd in several ways:

✔ The highest quality sod available

✔ Locally grown which ensures fresh and healthiness

✔ Professionally trained and uniformed staff

✔ Fully bonded and ensured

✔ Experienced in all aspects of sod laying, repair, etc.

Professional Sod Delivery Service

Take advantage of Clear Cut Group's knowledgeable staff. Contact us for a Free No-Obligation Quote and we’ll discuss any sod related questions that you may have. Laying down sod isn’t as simple as it sounds. Some properties may require more then one inch of a triple mix prior to laying sod to increase the chances of the sod’s success. Watering sod frequently as you lay sod is also critical. 15 minutes is the ideal time from when a layer of sod is laid up until the point of watering. Watering later will have adverse effects on the growth of your sod. There are several other factors that can greatly increase your success to make your newly laid sod beautiful. Our staff would be more then happy to discuss them with you. Clear Cut Group also offers a professional Sod Laying Service. This way you can feel confident know that your delivered sod is getting laid down properly.

Contact Clear Cut Group today or fill out the free quote form below and find out how we can take care of all your sod delivery needs.