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Other Services by Clear Cut Group
Clear Cut Group offers everything from tree care to eavestrough cleaning. We're your complete home maintenance company offering to both residential and commercial establishments. We are completely bonded and insured which ensure protection.

Eavestrough Cleaning – This was our original service over ten years. Originally started in Mississauga, Ontario we’ve since branched out to multiple municipalities in southern, Ontario. Details: EavestroughCleaning.ca.

Window Cleaning – Most clients combine our interior and exterior window cleaning services with any number of our other services. Details: WindowCleaningService.ca.

Tree Care Service – From stump removal to tree pruning – we do it all and have the certified arborists on staff to ensure it’s done correctly and professional. Details: TreeCareService.ca.

Grass Cutting Service – Complete lawn maintenance for the entire lawn care season. Find out how we can keep your property looking spectacular all summer long! Details: GrassCuttingService.ca.

So Much More – Clear Cut Group offers so many more cleaning services including fall clean-up and even dog scooping. Visit our main website for more information. Details: Clear Cut Group.

What Makes Clear Cut Group Different?

Other Services by Clear Cut Group We're Professional
Our professional fully uniformed staff can take care of all of your cleaning needs. We don't smoke on your property - taking great care and pride at being professional. We use equipment that doesn't damage your property such as ladder stand-offs on roof tops.

We Offer a Vareity of Services
Clear Cut Group offers Tree Services, Eavestrough Cleaning, Mulch Delivery/Installation, Sod Delivery/Installation, Xmas Lights Installation - and so much more. Visit our main website (http://clearcutgroup.ca) for more information.

We Bonded & Insured
We are fully bonded and insured giving you peace of mind when on your property. While we take every precaution - it's great insurance to have insurance.

We're Competitive
Clear Cut Group provides the most competitive rates on the market. There is a very good reason why we have been around for years with an established client-base.

Contact Clear Cut Group today or fill out the free quote form on this page and find out how we can take care of all your home maintenance needs.